Sep 30 2014

The best eco friendly candles in the US Tru Melange

The best eco friendly candles in the US Tru Melange Therapy Candle NU en fantastisk nyhet i Sverige…Följ med oss på den senaste Eco nyheten.

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It’s good to know your ingredients -

We believe that being “authentic” is more than just a catchy slogan. For us, authenticity is real and tangible – deep within our candle’s touch, smell and burn. For us, claiming to be “authentic” is not enough. We are committed to full disclosure, be it our waxes, wicks, essential oils or colors.

Our Waxes -

Our exhaustive research to perfect a superior quality candle, led us to developing a beautiful, blended wax. Creating a beeswax candle, with just the right percentage of soy, has yielded what we feel to be, the most effective natural candle available. Perfecting the wax balancegives our candles better aroma diffusion and burn time than if only one type of wax was used.

We purchase our 100% pure beeswax from North American Apiaries and Co-ops, while our Non GM Soy comes from US farmers. Using waxes from renewable resources holds to a higher eco-friendly standard than those from paraffin or paraffin blended with vegetable, beeswax, palm or soy wax.

Our Aromas -

All of our aromas come from Nature in the form of 100% pure essential oils. In the world of natural products, we do not feel there is a place or need to use synthetic fragrances, or “natural” (synthetically manipulated) oils. We feel that 100% pure essential oils hold enoughcomplexity and depth for us to keep creating blends that will intrigue, enthrall and wow you.

Our Wicks -

Our wicks are cotton braided, and contain no lead. These wicks have been specially designed to work with natural waxes. They play an important part in increasing burn times and aroma diffusion.

Our Colors -

We have chosen eco-friendly powder dyes, meaning that they are safe for the environment and do not contain hazardous solvents such as naphtha, and naphthalene. Our dyes meet (and exceed) the strictest environmental guidelines laid out by the United States Clean Air Act and California Prop 65. And of course, they are never tested on animals.
Eco friendly dyes allow us to create mood specific colors that dance with our aromas to create a powerful ambience – and are gentle on the environment.

When you burn a tru mélange candle, you can breathe easy knowing that you are burning a naturally scented, non-petroleum based candle – safe for you, your family, and our Planet..

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